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Although we can’t help everyone, we hope to eventually be a resource for all the orphanages in developing countries.  We currently provide food supplies to an organization in Uganda and one in Kenya.  


It costs $25-$30 to feed a group of 20 orphans a week.  I give up going out to dinner twice a week, so that I can allocate that to feed the orphans for a week.  It is a small gesture that goes a long way.


This pays for basic needs.  Any dollars left goes to medicines for the children and school supplies.


I keep in touch with the caretaker everyday and if you  would like to see the children, you are welcome to connect and say hello.  


I resonate with orphans and their ability to do the impossible based on their experience.  I grew up with parents who were addicted to gambling.  There were times  I felt like an orphan even though my parents were there with me.  They didn’t give me the emotional attention I needed to thrive.  I found that doing well in school gave me a chance to rise and attend New York University, one of the top schools in America.  


We are asking for you to consider the future of these orphans and please donate any amount.  $5, $10, $20, $25, or $50 is very much appreciated. 


We will pray for you and wish you the very best for your kind donation.


Sponsor a kid for $25 a month so that they can have meals everyday and go to school as well.

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