Americans are fighting a daily battle to find peace, happiness, and fulfillment.


It’s time to awaken the connection between our hearts and souls.


It’s time to rise up and claim a peaceful future for our country and for humankind.

We are Americans: The free and the brave.

We choose hope over darkness.

Truth over fallacies.

We are one team united, where everyone is welcome.

We leave ego, division, and hatred at the door.

We are the United States of America, and together we will have our freedom.


Betty Dang believes in America for All.


For children and adults, we need improved programs that allow equal opportunities for all.  One of Betty's concerns is to increase funding for music and arts programs, gender equality in STEM and leadership development.


We also need to have strong anti-bullying programs to help students learn to collaborate and form a community.  Our children learns from our example.

America is sick and we need better solutions.  It starts with our relationship to food that dictates our addiction.  


As a Representative, Betty will push an agenda that integrate traditional methods with holistic medicine to lower healthcare costs and provide universal healthcare for Americans.  In the future, health insurance will also cover holistic practitioners. 


We are already moving in that direction.  

Mass shootings are out of control.  Wouldn't you agree?


Betty proposes to increase regulation of gun control while allowing exercise of 2nd Amendment.  She also suggests that police officers switch to using rubber bullets and receive training on emotional intelligence.  This program will transform our police force and protect our communities when we have better relationships.

Our institutions are overcrowded.  We need develop meaningful programs to help inmates receive better quality of care and support to transition successfully into society.

We have many people incarcerated for cannabis charges that need to be reviewed.  In order to do this, Betty advises on developing a special committee assigned to this project on legalized states.  These people can become an important labor force for the new industry that has opened up in America.