When it comes to partnerships, it's a tough relationship that takes some time to research.  Yet, when you meet the right person, they can change your world and how you spend your time.

Watch this short 25 Minute Interview in which Dominic DeSousa asks some interesting questions.  Betty Dang explains how partnering can help you get out of the grind and find freedom and passion.

Thank you to Dominic DeSousa, owner of Dream Again Marketing.


Endless Ocean of Possibilities (written 6/30/2014)

In an unexpected opportunity, I was a contributing writer in "I am Vietanamese: An Anthology." In this short story, I share with my readers the challenges of growing up in America as a refugee.  It is filled with emotions as I tell the story for the first time.  We go back through the early years until my final years where I was a serious gambler and professional blackjack player.


 It is only a piece of the puzzle and looking back, I have accomplished so much more.

Click below to read this anthology on Kindle Amazon.  I invite you to dive into the lives of Vietnamese Americans and take a peek at how our generations have grown on foreign land and made it our own.