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Coaching is transformational.

It can take people from where they are now,

to where they want to be – and beyond.


Welcome to Fly Over TNT Coaching, LLC, because sometimes you need to fly higher to reach the stars.  Fly Over TNT Coaching, LLC, is a place where you can reach impossible dreams.  It was my late husband's username for his e-mail.  After he past away 12 years ago, I am still learning the true meaning.  We are in a war and we are constantly fighting for our freedom.

We are capable of reaching our dreams.  We just need to have a clear, step by step plan, so that we don't feel overwhelmed.  It doesn't happen overnight.

Betty is a joyful wealth coach and she loves helping her clients uncover the secrets that has been inside them all along.  They just needed someone to help sort through the clutter and help them put their dreams into a step by step plan. 

We work together to teach you how to balance your personal and business life.  Finding the balance takes a lot of courage, but you will be living your dreams once you find your key.

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"The purpose of our lives is to be happy."

-Dali Lama

Learn to reprogram your subconscious mind to always succeed. Your mind is capable of more than you can imagine. It starts with the seed you sow to reap rewards. 


Every day during the program, you will continue to build your mindset. Entering into an entrepreneurial mentality that is the foundation of business success.

Great leaders adapt to their surrounding environments and empower their team to succeed together.


Great leaders make the hard choice, and self-sacrifice in order to enhance the experience of others around them. Real leaders lead by example and care for their tribe.

Confidence is incredibly important for entrepreneurs to have. We will constantly work towards boosting your confidence as it touches everything you are involved in and will help you in living the successful life you dream of manifesting.


You can dream a lot, but by taking action, it takes you one step closer to the destination.




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Here's the secret to this life journey.  The key represents your passion, inner desires and goals.  It is sitting inside your heart.  When things start to shift, you know you have found your key.

It's easy to give up when you are achieving big goals.  There will be ups and downs because in order to level up, you have to clear some baggage.  When you work with a coach, you will be stronger and be able to make decisions confidently.

As you grow, you will also discover the key inside you unlocks the most magical moments of your life. 

Invest in your future today!

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Meet Betty

Betty gets you the results you want in life and business.  It's important to have balance in you mind and body. She holds a safe space to go and talk through sensitive issues. Her ability to remain uninvolved but give guidance allows you  to gain perspective without feeling intimidated by someone within their own organization. 


Most important, Betty will hold you accountable.  She helps you break the pattern of self-sabotage.  The path you are on is a big on, so it's very needed to have a coach guide you. 


When your mind is having negative thoughts and you feel alone, you can reach out to your coach for feedback.  Voice memos or a phone call can be the quickest way to get help.  This support is valuable.




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