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High Ticket Coaching And The Millionaire Mind
By Bryce Tubbs and Betty Dang

How Millionaires Think and How to Attract Them.  Betty shares her vision and tips on how to work with millionaires.

How partnering helps you get out of the grind and find freedom, with Betty Dang

Welcome to episode 10 of Dreamchasers! Betty Dang is a Love Coach who works with executives to heal the effects of toxic relationships and environments on workplace culture.


In this episode, we're talking about the kinds of freedom and power you can bring your entrepreneurial business when you partner with other people. That doesn't always mean payroll. It means building strong relationships, working off fair commissions, and creating a way for you to get out of the daily grind. 

Superstar Spotlight Series 2020:  Maria Kathlyn Tan

Exclusive interview with Maria Kathlyn Tan, who is a Success Coach dedicated in helping you create a sustainable eco-system around who you are.


"I help you create lasting impact by leveraging your difference and eliminating energetically mis-aligned aspects of your lives & businesses. I’ve helped over 1000 clients from all over the world and given speeches on entrepreneurship, energy and empowerment." - Maria


Listen in to learn how to effortlessly reach your goals in 2020.

Superstar Spotlight Series 2020:  Carmela Velarde

Exclusive Interview with Carmela Velarde. This mompreneur puts family paramount with her holistic lifestyle education focus. A life long student in Acupuncture and herbalism, Carmela has been a wellness center owner, Prenatal yoga teacher, LMT, and Reiki master.


She is passionate in helping those with special needs and their families become more empowered through the green and organic movement. When she found Million Mom Movement, she felt it aligned with her life goals for holistic wellness.


Join her in the fight for prevention as the new wellness model.

Superstar Spotlight Series 2020: 
Pyschic Medium Tina Naki

Join us as Tina shares her journey as a survivor in sexual abuse to a thriving mother, spiritual healer and author. She has written the book she wish she had when she was a teenager.


"We are not alone."

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