Own Your Orgasm

21 Days of Sacred Sexuality


When you are brave enough to be unapologetic for who you are, that's a Goddess!

Starting July 1 with the New Moon

Do you feel shame or guilt because you have this deep desire to be a Goddess, who stands tall, sexy and dripping with sexual energy?

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back from connecting with your passion & fulfilling your purpose?

Are you struggling to find interest in sex or your sexuality lately?

It's time to wake up the Goddess in You.

A Goddess is a confident, sassy woman, who is in-tune with their bodies and their needs.  She speaks her mind and isn't afraid to ask for what she wants.

Sex is one of our society's most favorite taboos.  To do, or not to do?

Hi! I'm Betty, your Sacred Sexuality expert, here to serve you on your journey to take a deeper dive into the spirituality & science behind sex.  

Many women struggle to find sex satisfying or pleasurable in their younger years.  That's was me.  I lost interest in sex after so many disappointing experiences.  If you are like me, you also crave a deeper connection of intimacy in the art of making love.  It wasn't until I was 30 that I started to explore my sexuality in ways that I had not imagined before.

When you deepen your practice of love, there is an innate power inside you that sparks your passion and desire.  You start to experience life magically, in ways that you could not imagine before, with ease and flow.


  1. Experience an ease and flow to life

  2. Enjoy deeper connections & more significant relationships

  3. Free-flowing inspiration and creativity that helps you solve any challenge

  4. Make better decisions...instantly

  5. Attract more money like you're magnetized to it

  6. Live authentically & fulfill your purpose

What is our energy exchange of love??



21 Days of Sacred Sexuality

Our Goddess Circle starts July 1


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What does it FEEL like to OWN YOUR ORGASM?

I'm asking you to step into your Goddess shoes and sink into your Divine feminine energy to soak in the light that comes from inside you.  There is a warm and fuzzy feeling of joy when you are able to experience a powerful orgasm that cleanses your soul and fills your heart with more love.  There is also a mysterious energy, Quantum energy, which is also sexual energy, that you can use to manifest your desires.

During our 21 days together, we are going to explore Sacred Sexuality and the lifestyle behind it.  Sacred Sexuality is a deep love practice of mindfulness and Quantum leaping. 


The more you grow, the more ease your life has.  We will dive deep into our subconscious, identify self-limiting beliefs that have affected your life and self-sabotaging patterns.  Most importantly, we will heal the wounds that you have carried in your heart and your womb.  Many of our money stories and sexual wounds are held in the sacral chakra, which will be receive nurturing and healing during our 21 days together. 


After completing Own Your Orgasm, 21 days of Sacred Sexuality, you will feel more confident in your body, gain more clarity on your passion and purpose, and more connected to your inner soul.  This deep love practice will gain you access to your super power and the Universe.

You will feel and radiate like a Goddess!


What's included:

  • 3 Training Videos Weekly to guide your opening of emotions and help you step into your Goddess shoes

  • Weekly Guided Meditations for daily meditation to help you center and ground the new energies in your life

  • Private FB Group Discussions & daily access to my support

  • doTERRA Forgive Touch - a special blend of essential oils to help you through your journey of spiritual transformation 

What is our energy exchange of love??



21 Days of Sacred Sexuality

Our Goddess Circle starts July 1

Get your spot in the circle today!




I am passionate about infusing more love and happiness into our lives.  I dream that we will have future peace on Earth and am grateful to be able to work with clients who have similar align purposes and love for our Earth.  It is my biggest goal to end world hunger and I strongly believe step by step, we can all become one global community.

Among my many talents, I am a Executive Love Coach & Happiness Expert, who uses Kundalini and Sacred Sexuality in my tools and life philosophy to help my clients find clarity in their passion and purpose.  The Kundalini unleashes our inner power and amplifies our efforts to manifest with Quantum energy, which is sexual energy.

I look forward to getting to know you better.