I refused to be sold to anyone.


That's why I'm in America - Because I believe in THE AMERICAN DREAM!


​I am a refugee who made it BIG here.  That's why I love America.


​And I want to HELP you achieve the same - BECAUSE this is the United States of America.


​It's everyone's America. 


​I'm Betty!




When you are in debt, then you cannot be free.  

When you look at our national debt, it is $22 Trillion.  How can we be financially free if our country is in debt.  

It's time to leverage our natural resources and develop our labor force, so that we all have an equal opportunity to make a livable wage on 1 job.  The truth is more than 13 Million Americans work 2 or more jobs to make ends meet.

My 10 year sustainability plan includes steady pay raises to reach an average salary of $75,000, alleviating poverty and providing a stable source of income for all Americans.


We need to bring the troops home.

My agenda is to work with global leaders to negotiate future peace on Earth.  As we look forward peace ties between nations, we will be able to bring our troops home.  President Trump has done a great job to bring our troops home to their families.

We also want to create cultural bridges that allows a fair, global economy to exist.