"Love is energy. 

Money is energy. 


There is no limit to how much money or love we can have."

-Betty Dang


I am passionate about infusing more love and happiness into our lives.  I have been coaching people in their relationships and business for over 11 years.  I dream that we will have future peace on Earth and am grateful to be able to work with clients who have similar align purposes and love for our Earth.  It is my biggest goal to end world hunger and I strongly believe step by step, we can all become one global community.

​While working in corporate America, I also was an owner of several businesses, including tax and accounting service and a nail salon.   I am an expert in organizing operations and managing workflows.  I can help you re-organize your company with effective strategies for each of your teams.  My strong suite is facilitating customer service training. In today's global market, high quality customer service defines brand value.  My clients value my work ethic, efficiency and effectiveness.

I strongly believe that happiness is wellness and is much needed in our society today.  Working with me is an unforgettable experience and exchange of information.  

My love for my family drives me forward through the challenges that we all face in life and work.   


"I worked with Betty for the past few months after transitioning from the corporate world to a new startup company. Betty was fantastic. We set objectives for what I wanted to accomplish, identified my goals/values, tackled current work issues and explored future career ideas. I was very pleased with the focus and structure of each session. Several months later, I can honestly say that I have improved my work/life balance, have better communication skills, plus I'm on my to a happier career path. Betty has provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, processes and plans of action to enable successful growth and change."

- Terry, self-employed, Boston, MA

"I would like to acknowledge you for all the support you gave me when I needed most in my life! I'm forever grateful for it. I received my Green Card.  It was such a perfect timing because I got it in the morning and in the afternoon I received the information that my grandma was sick.  I rushed to Brazil and could spend her last day of awareness with her. The following day she went to the ICU and I could take care of her for the following 2 weeks. I was there for her and for my family. I could support them of being complete about her passing and I'm very grateful that I had that opportunity. Not to ever see my grandma again was one of my greatest fear. I just wanted to share it with you! Hope you are doing awesome and keep discovering and creating and amazing journey ahead of you!!

- Flavia, self-employed, Stamford, CT


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