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Our Client Testimonials


"I worked with Betty for the past few months after transitioning from the corporate world to a new startup company. Betty was fantastic. We set objectives for what I wanted to accomplish, identified my goals/values, tackled current work issues and explored future career ideas. I was very pleased with the focus and structure of each session. Several months later, I can honestly say that I have improved my work/life balance, have better communication skills, plus I'm on my way to a happier career path. Betty has provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, processes and plans of action to enable successful growth and change."
- Terry, self-employed, Boston, MA

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Betty Dang Fractional CFO

Fly Over TNT Coaching, LLC is an excellent CFO service led by Betty Dang, who brings over 20 years of experience in accounting and operations management.  Our company was founded by Betty and her husband, Nguyen Cao Thang in 2009, but unfortunately, Thang passed away in 2010. 


In 2021, Betty decided to continued their dreams and build a reputable accounting firm.  Fly Over TNT was Thang's email username and Betty has learned strength from this short phrase.  She bring courage and compassion to her work to help companies grow their financial goals, over the impressive 20% or more.


Betty can help clarify your financials, enabling you to make better-informed decisions.  She is trustworthy and reliable, and can handle any project, big or small. 


Contact Fly Over TNT Coaching today to take your financial management to the next level.

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