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Ready to uncover your true self?

Explore to find the clarity you've been seeking.

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Welcome to a Journey Within

Discover your inner power and embrace holistic transformation with our

spiritual coaching and retreats.

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Finding Clarity

Uncover your true self through guided self-discovery.

Finding balance in the midst of chaos

Healing Balance

Rejuvenate with a blend of spiritual and physical activities.

Self-discovery and reflection will bring you inner peace

Trust Your Path

Gain confidence in your intuition, and reduce anxiety.

Your inner peace awaits.

Join us on a path of self-discovery and transformation.


In the midst of life's chaos and complexity, finding clarity becomes an invaluable compass for our journey. It's like a gentle beam of light cutting through the fog, revealing our path forward. Clarity allows us to discern our true desires, values, and purpose. It's not about having all the answers but rather about asking the right questions and listening to our inner wisdom. When we find clarity, we find a profound sense of direction and inner peace, enabling us to navigate life's twists and turns with confidence and purpose.



Healing balance is the delicate equilibrium between nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. It's a dance where self-care and self-discovery intertwine. In this harmonious state, we embrace practices that restore our energy, promote emotional well-being, and strengthen our inner resilience. It's about recognizing that healing begins from within, and through a holistic approach, we rejuvenate ourselves on all levels. Healing balance grants us the strength to face life's challenges with grace, empowering us to thrive and flourish in a world that often demands so much of us



Trusting your path and intuition is like having an unwavering compass in the journey of life. It's about developing a deep sense of self-trust that guides your decisions and actions. Intuition, that quiet inner voice, often knows the way even when the external world seems uncertain. When you lean into this trust, anxiety diminishes, and you find yourself on a more authentic, fulfilling path. Trusting your path and intuition isn't just a leap of faith; it's a powerful act of self-empowerment, allowing you to navigate life's twists and turns with confidence and clarity.


My name is Betty Dang.

Hello, I'm a spiritual coach on a journey of rediscovery and transformation. Life took me on a challenging path that ultimately led me to find my balance again. I've learned that the most valuable lessons often arise from life's difficulties. 


Around a decade ago, I transitioned from the corporate world, where I was a workaholic, to what I humorously call a 'yoga pants CEO.' The burnout I experienced prompted a profound realization: I needed something different, something more aligned with my passion for helping people.


Now, I'm dedicated to guiding others through their own transformative journeys. My retreats are carefully designed with activities that facilitate profound shifts in belief systems. Together, let's step outside the box and embark on a path of self-discovery, balance, and holistic transformation. Your inner peace and vitality await.

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